Here are some remarks from the Amazon website. They were shared by a total of nine individual reviewers.

Each statement relates to a smaller sub-collection out off the whole, but their diversity generates a comprehensive overview.


 * * *

"Within this slender volume of finely crafted verse is to be found the widest, and at times wildest spectrum of thought the human psyche is all too capable of manifesting."

"The voice of a bard whose honesty is his mantra."

"Most telling at times, is the feeling of conflict between mind and spirit, the brutalities of life despite the allure of living, the quest to understand one's self in light of darkness."

"... for whatever the lot from which each poem arises, ascend they do towards an awareness of self most of us would shy away from."

"Every page unveils an insight, an amusement, a shock, a sadness, a joy."

"This is a voice once heard, never forgotten."

"Glenn’s poems are filled with witty, confessional, modern and dramatic monologues."

"I highly recommend this collection if you want challenging, heartfelt and sometimes witty verse."

"One cannot help being endeared to the creative mind of a man whose conflicts serve his craft so compellingly."

"This collection is honest, sincere and was always written with a particular voice that other poets lack or have to try to put on."

"It is a very accessible collection of verse."

"Glenn has created magic!!"

"Explanation of emotions - what the glancing eyes can't see, spilled beautifully on paper to educate the reader, and at times relate to oneself!"