My Beautiful Diary



In a sense, the 514 pages of this book are quite often autobiographical. Each of the 591 poems are dated with regard to their initial conceptions. The author has always maintained that if he was a famous person such as David Beckham (who's name was arrived at through a human inability to be genuinely random,) then he'd sell a great many books regardless of their content. It's true to say that a formal quality of verse improves through the book, with pieces like "Did Neil Armstrong wear thermals?" gaining thorough academic acceptance. However, after realising that poetry is a closed shop, and that similar structures exist in other arts, for example classical music as found out by his advanced pianism, he gave up submitting to editors who held MAs and MFAs in poetry. Instead he enjoyed a personal and profitable journey in a completely different direction. By neglecting free-verse for stricter forms including sonnets, he shared a very personal, psychological and philosophical poetry. His subjects tended to be rooted in up to twenty years of introspection and social consideration, both of which are grave necessities of a recovery from psychosis. "Joe's second-hand testament," written during a full-blown manic episode, was more extended and began his later style.